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2 years ago

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I was there with my sister last summer and offered to take her dog Sheba for a walk in the woods, while the food was ready and my son upstairs playing with her cousins ​​. Sheba knew where they went, as she practically dragged me down the street, we headed into the nudevista woods. Once we are in the forest, I decided it was given to the tire same time, and shot nudevista like a rocket, so I started to explore the forest and saw that people have for outdoor use as I have sex seems, with condoms on the floor and the odd pair of panties. I continued my path in the woods and found a large area that seemed to move thick, and asked me if I was crazy, so I slowly moved the audience and a womans voice, or rather a womans groan and was really moaning. That 's the shit that I go to make it harder for me and that was when I saw a woman in the mid 40 fours from behind by a man who has taken 25 years and she nudevista really attack and called her his dirtyBitch, she accepted. I moved around the other side of the jungle and got her tits hard, hanging a little, but hard nipples look good, nudevista because every time I nudevista put his cock hit her and see now I had pants at the ankles and my cock was furiously masturbating does not give a shit for two weeks and had someone else would soon be fucking crazy, then bent and stepped on a branch that broke and caused the freezing of woman couple. He said that to prevent someone is watching, and called the man and asked for the Peeping Tom come forward and what I was in a strange forest on foot to two strangers with nudevista his pants at the ankles and my hard cock in hand who took nudevista the woman to laugh, and she told him to fuck her again and she called me to appear before it, so I could suck, but I asked if I could catch her as I have been watching for a while I needed to shoot, so she agreed. I pulled the jeansf went to a good view of the back and part of your legs even more and began to slide my cock into her and pushed her pussy muscles strong and told the man that captured stick his cock in his mouth to me, his big ass clapping, shouting for joy and made me lean forward and grab her tits and pulled hard on her nipples and told him to shoot, so he told me to fill her pussy, and I came this application and shouted fuckkkkkk echo throughout the year in the woods when I hit my balls against her ass. I downloaded this dog seemed to keep pumping until the last drop in the drain hole and my dick hot then removed and the man went and put the hole and began to charge, I moved to the whores face and told him to lick my cock nudevista clean and he did so well as she licked my balls like a vacuum cleaner and I thought that was a bitch for loads of men regularly, I began to harden faster than normal, and stuck his head out of the trailerrules and started pushing my cock in and out of the mouth and then shot my load and my nudevista knees gave way and fell to the ground. I looked at my watch and realized I had spent more than an hour with that bitch, and I realized that my sister was going to wait for my return, so I thougt I think the mistress and queen of Sheba was better, so he called by name and thanked she ran and asked my sister why it took so long, and told me that I will explore the woods in the back of his house. I nudevista enjoyed coming weeks to visit my sister and I hope somone will explore again in the forest.

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